My Story

I have been a daycare provider for 32 years and my income was here today and gone tomorrow! I needed to find something good I could do on the side that was easy and I found Scentsy. I have no sales skills but this sells itself. And I found a reputable company that really cares about it's consultants!Scentsy is the best opportunity out there right now. Why? Because Scentsy just made it easier for us to grow a team and make money off our team's sales. Not only is Scentsy a great product that is safe for you to use in your home and even a daycare because it has no flame and no soot or harmful sells itself! Scentsy just gave us a new product line to sell called Velata. It is fine Belgian chocolate and a warmer that is fun and easy to use. No fuss and no mess. Just like a Scentsy candle warmer this Velata warmer makes a great unique gift. People who love Scentsy will love this as a gift for any occasion! And....this Fall Scentsy will give us another NEW brand to sell and even if we decide that we only want to sell one brand...we can still recruit and build teams with the other brands!!! This is totally new and has never been done before by a company like Scentsy. This gives us 3 times the opportunity and no other company offers this to their Consultants. So if you are thinking about selling something this Fall to make money for the Holidays or if you need to make extra money on the side...or if you want a new fun job and spend more time with your family then consider joining my team. I can help you get your business started. This is fun and easy to do!!! The starter kit is only $99...the cost of a night out...but this $99 could change your life! It changed mine! I love meeting new people and selling them something I love and I use. I love it when people love this as much as I do because it sells itself! When I first started selling Scentsy not very many people knew about I see how excited they are and how much they love it. I have a fresh start now because I can show people our new brand Velata and see them get excited about it and love it as much as they love their Scentsy candles. I can't wait to share the new Fall brand and get into the Holiday buying season with something just as new and exciting! So why not give Scentsy a try...if you don't like selling it you can use the products in your starter kit or gift them. I gave it a try 2 years ago and I am so happy I did!  <!--endbody-->